Good Magical Morning

Good Magical Morning

45 Episodes

Good Magical Morning is a weekly news show covering all the fun things of the internet that you might not hear about on a regular news network. Give your morning a little bit of magic with warm coffee, hot news, and hotter hosts.

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Good Magical Morning
  • Old Statues, Bioshock The Musical, and Raw Burgers

    Episode 21

    Sonic Sequel breaks box office records, Woman finds ancient art in thrift store, robot predicts hit songs, and more!

  • Mario Movie, Met Gala, and Many Many M&Ms

    Episode 20

    Who Wore it Worst at the Met Gala, Delayed Films, Netflix Cracking Down on Password Sharing

  • It’s A Virtual World

    Episode 19

    Game Boy of Cloud Space, Purchasing Virtual Property,
    Buh-Bye Prozac, Hello Pokemon Go

  • When Pigs Drive

    Episode 18

    Animals driving cars, kids smuggling toasters to school, and the man who saw the same movie almost 300 times.

  • Spring Romance

    Episode 17

    Jack White Gets Married, Pac-Man Remarries,
    A Woman Searches For A Boyfriend Via Message In A Bottle

  • Pranks and Robo-Dogs

    Episode 16

    The best of April Fools jokes, the Pompeii ruins have a new guard dog
    and other strangeness

  • Abandoned Teeth and Surprise Shoes

    Episode 15

    Discover the price of the first video game ever, the chronicles of police officers chasing after animals, and what happens when the hosts make a call to a special hotline.

  • Too Many Emojis

    Episode 14

    We get more emojis, Fornite loses building and Mario Kart gets more tracks

  • Fart Plates and Metaverse Dates

    Episode 13

    Dive deep into “breathtaking” world records, learn about dating apps for crypto fiends, and learn how Shanghai is taking restaurants to new heights.

  • Netflix and Chili

    Episode 12

    Netflix has games? Hidden chili recipes? French fry perfume?
    What will they think of next.

  • Fortunate Fortune Cookies and Invasion of the Animals

    Episode 11

    Get an update on real life flying cars, record-breaking fruit, and everyone’s most anticipated movie: The Baby Shark Movie.

  • Movie Pass Is Back…Sort Of

    Episode 10

    Movie Pass, Tony Hawk, & A Foo Fighters Movie? This Week Gets Interesting. Also Real Life Snakes On A Plane.

  • Valentines and Velveeta

    Episode 9

    It’s Valentine's day, and we celebrate with some romantic stories and some offbeat news about a giant block of cheese

  • Weird Al Potter

    Episode 8

    Daniel Radcliffe is playing Weird Al, Netflix joins gaming, When We Were Young Festival

  • A Year For Sequels

    Episode 7

    Logan Paul Gets A Refund, Most Anticipated Games of 2022, Hologram FaceTime Calls?

  • Goodbye BlackBerry

    Episode 6

    Uncharted Director’s Comments, Goodbye to the BlackBerry, Tilted Towers Returns

  • Back To 06 / Plunder Quest Release

    Episode 5

    TikTok, Pokemon Legends, The New Old Myspace

  • Tasty TVs and 80,000 Bees

    Episode 4

    A water-filled canyon on Mars, the greatest dinosaur egg ever found, and Lex Luthor becomes Batman.

  • T-Rex Christmas Sweaters and Water Sliding Cows

    Episode 3

    SantaCon comes back to New York, prehistoric is back in style, and a moo-ving video from Brazil.

  • Freeway Go-Karting and 86-Cent Apartments

    Episode 2

    Scuba diving Santas, Ikea sleepovers, a go-kart loose on a California freeway, and the cheapest (and smallest) apartment in Japan.

  • Hot Dr. Pepper and real life hobbits

    Episode 1

    Episode 1 of Good Magical Morning gets into some juicy news. Hot Dr. Pepper, real life hobbits and much more!