View & Chew

  • View & Chew Trailer

  • New York City

    Mike Chen visits New York’s first pizzeria, has an enchanted encounter in Central Park, and chows down with a burger legend in the Big Apple

    Featuring: Alvin Cailan and Bobby Briskey.

  • Miami

    Miami meets Havana when Mike gets dinner and a show at an authentic Cuban restaurant. Mike gives you the scoop on the coolest ice cream spot and hottest beaches Miami has to offer.

  • Los Angeles

    Mike walks among the stars in Hollywood and noshes on some British pub classics with fellow vlogger Jo Franco. Suns out, sesame buns out at a burger spot on Venice Beach.

    Featuring: Jo Franco

  • Food Truck Finale

    This show wouldn’t be complete without some eats on the street, so take a seat while we give you a sneak peek at some sweet treats and tasty meats from West to East.

  • Las Vegas

    Mike asks himself “What happened in Vegas?” when he wakes up from a food coma filled with spicy noodles and fancy French fare. A trip downtown sends him flying seven stories off the ground.

  • San Francisco

    Mike shows you the ups and downs of San Francisco on a classic cable car and digs into a crab feast fit for King Neptune. Hijinks ensue.

  • Washington, D.C.

    Donut holes and chili bowls are the star of the show when Mike takes a trip to the nation’s capital. Mike talks about DC’s secret passageways and ends up finding some of his own in a spooky mansion.

  • Chicago

    Mike dishes out the deets on Chicago’s most famous deep dish and keeps the ribs coming at a speakeasy-turned-BBQ joint. Things get cheesy downtown when Mike tries to interpret modern art.