View & Chew USA

View & Chew USA

9 Episodes

Famous foodie Mike Chen shares the deets on the country's best eats in this sightseeing tour across the US, with pit stops at the most iconic landmarks in seven major cities. Get ready to View and Chew!

View & Chew USA
  • New York City

    Episode 1

    Mike Chen visits New York’s first pizzeria, has an enchanted encounter in Central Park, and chows down with a burger legend in the Big Apple

    Featuring: Alvin Cailan and Bobby Briskey.

  • Chicago

    Episode 2

    Mike dishes out the deets on Chicago’s most famous deep dish and keeps the ribs coming at a speakeasy-turned-BBQ joint. Things get cheesy downtown when Mike tries to interpret modern art.

  • Las Vegas

    Episode 3

    Mike asks himself “What happened in Vegas?” when he wakes up from a food coma filled with spicy noodles and fancy French fare. A trip downtown sends him flying seven stories off the ground.

  • San Francisco

    Episode 4

    Mike shows you the ups and downs of San Francisco on a classic cable car and digs into a crab feast fit for King Neptune. Hijinks ensue.

  • Miami

    Episode 5

    Miami meets Havana when Mike gets dinner and a show at an authentic Cuban restaurant. Mike gives you the scoop on the coolest ice cream spot and hottest beaches Miami has to offer.

  • Los Angeles

    Episode 6

    Mike walks among the stars in Hollywood and noshes on some British pub classics with fellow vlogger Jo Franco. Suns out, sesame buns out at a burger spot on Venice Beach.

    Featuring: Jo Franco

  • Washington, D.C.

    Episode 7

    Donut holes and chili bowls are the star of the show when Mike takes a trip to the nation’s capital. Mike talks about DC’s secret passageways and ends up finding some of his own in a spooky mansion.

  • Food Truck Finale

    Episode 8

    This show wouldn’t be complete without some eats on the street, so take a seat while we give you a sneak peek at some sweet treats and tasty meats from West to East.

  • View & Chew Christmas New York

    Explore the Magic of Christmas in New York with famous foodies & travel gurus to guide you on this festive food-filled frolic through the city.