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Award-winning movies, handcrafted with love in Brooklyn NY by a small team of filmmakers. Critics and fans alike love our feel-good Marvelous Movies.

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Our spectacular award-winning shows range from sitcoms to food & travel. Get the scoop on the best sights and bites with View & Chew or get lost in a world of imagination with DinoGuru .

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Every week we have new episodes streaming of our shows. From late-night comedy, to your morning news, Pure Magic Pictures is your one-stop-shop for feel-good entertainment.

What Critics Are Saying About Plunder Quest!

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Plunder Quest | Lily Darling | Good Magical Morning | Good Night Tonight | View & Chew | DinoGuru | The Squatchers

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  • Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl

    2 videos

    Anime character Skye Hoshi mysteriously becomes real and falls out of her poster, it's up to slacker comic store employee Atom to help her get back home before her anime is destroyed.

  • Plunder Quest

    1 video

    After catching wind of valuable prohibition-era whiskey hidden on an island, Thomas Waters embarks on a quest for liquid gold and ends up on the priceless adventure of a lifetime.

  • Lily Darling

    1 video

    It’s 2006, and a pink-haired punk girl “Darling” falls for a shy skater boy. They form a bond through their love of music that helps her find the courage within herself to face her biggest fear… her toxic emo boyfriend.

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